Do we really need Ram Mandir…

I am born and brought up in Ayodhya. I am glad Ram Mandir is happening. Some people are saying, we don’t need, we need hospitals and school. So let me tell you something, After Babri Kaand, the development of Ayodhya was stopped or ignored by government or any cause. The city was was crying for its own life. Nothing new was happening nor new was planned for future. But after announcement of Ram mandir by our most hounrable court, so much things are happening. People will get employment in different ways, like fulwale, mithaiwale, murtikaaar, autowale. Not only the big business sectors like Hotel industries, tourism, restaurants, construction’ transport, dairy and Agro products will be flourished but small traders who are selling varieties like flowers/fruits, drinks, Agarwood, Alta, Camphor, Ghee, Incense. Kumkum, Panchagavya, Rudraksha, Sandalwood; Sindoor, Tulasi, Turmeric, Vibhuti will be benefitted. International airport is coming, Railway station are in reconstruction and increasing their platform. Some works are going on for the beautification of the city. I can add more on my finger tips. Ayodhya will be centre of attraction instead of being ignored. If people of Ayodhya can get all of these things with a mandir, then why not.

As being said, The truth will set you free. But in this era, The truth will set you free, but first, it will piss you off. The people who are saying, build hospitals and school, actually they are the same people who never went to these places. Because of these people, condition of hospitals and school are very poor. Hospitals and schools will never give this much to people of Ayodhya. My father is headmaster (principal) in government primary school. He was handling three school at a time. In each school there are 5 classes. 15 classes and one teacher and so many students and he was handling all by himself. He was not only teaching them but also, taking care of mid day meal and daily documentation of these things all alone. Two years back I was in government hospital for some medical certificate. Condition was hospital was very poor. There was no proper equipment for small treatments and doctors were also late. There will be no use of hospitals and school, if they are not systematically driven. We we need is enough teachers, proper system, good equipment and well educated doctors.

To accommodate the large numbers of pilgrims, the city will be developed, the infrastructure will be improved. An expert can estimate how much man power will be required to fulfill all these and how many families will get better life. And most important, not only Hindus will get fruits, but Muslims also will get benefits. A Bhavya Temple will not bring only a pilgrims to the place of worship but will also a huge business opportunity for the people living there and around it. It can provide a large no of employment/Rojgar compared to any industry if the same amount is spent. Some of the well known town’s economy entirely depends on the place of worship it has. Few examples like Tirupati Balaji, Shani Shingnapur, Somnath, Ambaji, Palitana, Shree Nathji and many more. It is estimated that around 80 lac to 1 crore pilgrims visits Vaishno Devi or Amarnath annually and these both are not easy to go destination. While Ayodhya is connected by road and railways. So anybody can imagine the numbers of visitors Ayodhya will have after mandir is built.


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