For the love of the city


What makes a city beautiful? Why do we love our city? There could be a lot of reasons, you love your city because you were born and raised there, or because of the weather or people, or because of childhood memories, or because you found the love of your life. Sometimes you never know why you like your city.

Everyone who lives in a city has some form of a connection with it. Your feelings might range from apathy to love, not unlike the kind of relationship you can have with a person. You may love your city because it’s where you were born and subsequently have deep roots in the community. Perhaps you moved to a city to take a dream job and discovered an exciting city culture. It may just be the sunshine or the snow, the beach, or the hills. It’s probably a combination of things.

I have been to many cities in my life. Whenever I go to any new city, I got super excited. How is the city feels like, what is the culture, how are the people? After living a certain amount of time, You build a connection with your city. You started building memories. You make friends.

I love my city Ayodhya. This is the place where I was born and raised. There are lots of childhood memories of me with this city. The places where I used to play, visit, My school, my friends, Ghat, Temples. I admire my city. Sometimes I used to think, what can I do for my city. Then I started a social club and joined the Deepotsav. I started a campaign to clean our city.

Currently, I am living in Bangalore. I came to this city because of the job. It has been two months now and I am already liking the city. In my experience, Peoples are the soul of the city, they make the city more beautiful. The people you daily interact with can be anyone. I also liked the culture of this city and the weather is awesome.

Every city has its own value. When you have been living in any city for a long time, you adopt their culture, language, style, and accent. You become part of the city. You started to represent your city, you are living. That’s why sometimes we already know, someone is from which city or state by talking to them and sometimes just looking at them.

You don’t know how much we love our city until you have to move to another city. When you do that, you started missing the place, the vibe, friends, and everything. Whenever you will get the chance you want to go back there, where you have made precious memories. You won’t realize when your city becomes your home. Cities want to be loved. This makes them attractive to talent and investment. Lovable cities are more prosperous cities.

Try something new you might enjoy your regular pizza restaurant and your friendly coffee shop. Continue to do that, but for every, say, the fifth time, try a new place. Make a little effort and find a different kind of restaurant.  Every city has gems waiting to be discovered. Like all love, if you’re lucky enough to connect with your city in a deep and meaningful way, you’ll feel happier and be more fulfilled.

So here it is… For the love of the city. I have made a poster of the cities which I have visited and these are ready for order. Printed on 300 gsm paper A3 (11.7 X 16.5 inches) size. It will come with a white border, ideal for framing. Art print will be carefully rolled with love and shipped in a tube ensuring safe delivery.

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