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Imagine You are wearing a casual dress in your own marriage or, you are going to a party wearing a traditional dress, Is’nt weird. The same applies to design also when you make a poor choice of types in your design. You can’t use papyrus in serious design or serious font in kids’ events. Typography is the accessories of design. Without the right use of typography, you will ruin the essence and look and feel of the design.

In essence, typography is arranging text in an engaging, interesting, and legible way that gets the message across most appropriately. It includes the layout, spacing, sizes, hierarchy, color, and integration of type across a variety of mediums.
Typography is a critical part of the design, but unfortunately, it is not always well planned out. You can create excellent exemplification, pictures, and other graphic content but if the typography of your design is not good on your products, it could easily turn off potential buyers of your products and services.

Correct use of font sets the mood, it works silently, conveys meaning, and also changes perceptions. Most of us can remember and instantly recognize the fonts associated with brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Harry Potter, and may have seen the controversial reactions to brands like Apple, Google, and GAP changing their famous typography. Many companies such as Netflix, Airbnb, Apple, and Coca-Cola have even created their own typefaces in a move to make typography a more considered part of their identity.

Never underestimate or overlook the correct use of typography in branding as it can make or break a brand by giving off the wrong brand image and message to consumers. Typography is an art form that manipulates the significance of what it is communicating. Due to its effects on the context of communication, understanding typography is especially important when developing a brand identity.

I have read 5-6 design books based on typography in the past 2-3 months. I have learned a lot about typography. ‘Why Fonts Matter and ‘Just My Type’, both books are very informative. After learning and reading my perception has been changed towards typography. So I have decided to share everything I have learned till now. I will start typography-based poster series. I will share it on my Instagram profile – kalpreedesign.

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