New Year 2021

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Next year is coming soon, 2020 year was tough for everyone. And everyone has learned many things this year. We were forced to be at home. Some were alone, some were with friends, and some with family. The whole world was deeply affected by this pandemic. Some people lost their friends and some lost their family members. Social distancing becomes a new normal. We learned a lot this year. We learned family is most important in our life, We can’t live with homemade food, we don’t need an office anymore. works can be done from home.

 Every year comes with new hope, possibility, and opportunity. New year’s eve is probably the most introspective day of the year. The day where you can look back to last year. What parts did you like, Would you have done anything differently? What days you’re favorite. Look back through old photos. Laugh at the memories Cry because of what went wrong. Feel nostalgic. Miss the people who you no longer to speak as much. Appreciate the people you do. 

This is the day when you talk to yourself and that makes so much sense. Where you can also see and imagine yourself in the future. These conversations wouldn’t be just talking to yourself, it goes both ways so appreciate everything. Don’t think too much just analyze yourself and prepare for the new year. And of course, enjoy, go for a walk, celebrate. Be brilliant. Be strong. Be you. Happy new year.

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