Puchata hai Bharat…


Puchata hai Bharat ki, why media is so silent. Puchata hai Bharat ki, why Deepika is so important. Puchata hai Bharat ki, why police are so irresponsible. Aur ye main ni puch rha, Mere saath puchata hai sara Bharat. What happened in Hathras is another example of what was happened in Delhi. And what police did is so irresponsible, inhuman, and mock of a law. You talk about Deepika but not about that girl. This time, this was not just rape of another girl, It was the rape of society, rape of freedom, rape of law. The police did not cremate the girl, they burnt her. Yes, they burnt her forcefully. There is a difference between cremating someone and burning someone. And where was the system, where was the government and where is the feminism party? The feminism party only comes when something happens to celebrities. They have their own benefits and agenda.

This is the story of the same state where it is being told to establish Ram Rajay. Another Sita was being disrespected and the whole country was watching. Some of them don’t even care. So, they will bring Ram Rajay in this way. One side Ram mandir is being built and another side Sita is being burnt. And this time you can’t say this happened in the previous government too. We don’t make you chief minister to do the same. This is very disappointing. Disappointment is not just for what happened, but what the government did. They did something which they should have not.

Yogi Aditya Nath is so famous for changing names and feel so proud of doing it. Why doesn’t he change the name of Uttar Pradesh to Balatkaari Pradesh, until he sets an example of this cruelty? They came into the governance by saying that they will remove the gangster gang, what they are doing is nothing less than the previous government.

And where are we people, why we are not raising our voices? We are so selfish that we never raise our voice until it benefits us. We only take stand for our agenda not for the society where we are living. So, open your eyes and change ourselves.

Once Charles Darvin said,

β€œIt is not the strongest of the species that survives,

not the most intelligent that survives.

It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”



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